Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kronologi 2012

Hello 2013..Selamat Tahun Baru, dgn harapan baru, plan baru, azam baru..tapi aku tak lupe jugak ape yg ada dlm 2012..jom kita tengok..

-Still tgh bz dlm VADS LEAD Program. Jan mid term, Feb sgt pack running kan project.

-Early March Final utk VADS LEAD program tu.Malam tu tros ke Annual Dinner (tercapai hasrat nak di nominate best dress).
-Seminggu pastu ke Terengganu utk wedding Megat and sambung plak becuti ke Pulau Perhentian..Puasss bejalan smbil hilang kan stress bebulan2 bz gan Lead.
-Ujung march , dpt result dan Alhamdulillah aku pass and berjaya graduate utk LEAD program tu , and tros dpt posting utk jaga TMUC (Unifi Contact Centre). Ms ni TM baru nak handover ke VADS, so dpt posting tros masuk project baru sgt membuat aku teruja selain dr expectation "mereka mereka" ni membuatkan aku tak leh main2 langsung.

-Bermula la tugas dan tanggungjawab baru kt TMUC.

-Masih lagi sesak nafas dgn TMUC sbb byk sgt bende kene review dan nak tukar management is not an easy thing to do bile sume staff bekerja gan management lain sblum, ade cara mereka sendiri, pemahaman derang sndr,..and kita as new management, kene ubah macam2 sbb nk meet business requirement and our staff requirement jugak. lagi2 dulu in house..so bile in house tak bykla nk amik kira. kita jaga, kita handle, kita accept ape pon...tp bile dah outsource..kenela standardkan mcm2..or else, sume bende kecik akan dipertikaikan smpi ke board meetng..parah..

-Nominated as Best Team Leader for 2011 (CCAM)..form dy gile super panjang..smpi kering idea nk justify ape.

-Jalan2 ke KK.Best!!!

Missed Abortion.

-MCC (team aku) merge dgn whole TMUC. So pape pilot team akan run kt mane2 team..bukan kt team aku jek....so nov aku bz gan movement agent..official merge 1st Dec.
Bile MCC da takde, aku di post ke Assurance team (technical) dan location kat puchong plak...hhaha

-Alhamdulillah mase mlm anniversary, dpt tau pregnant lagi..syukur sgt.
kali ni sgt berjaga2..harap2 baby sehat dan membesar dgn sempurna
-Birthday adam yg ke-2 pd 2012 2012, buat makan2 kt nursery dy jek..tema upin ipin..hahah..syok je dy mummy daddy dtg school..
-Nominated utk Best Supervisor 2012 CCWA. Boss ckp kalo lepas ke final, mungkin ke Australia or Singapore.Harap2 la justification aku gempak..dpt aku achieve something yg aku tak penah termimpi pon...Insya Allah..

Moga 2013 akan lebih baik utk aku sekeluarga..Aminnn..



achique said...

congrats for the pregnancy! (and other things too)

akubisikdisini said...

thanks achique...moga yang baik2 aje utk ko tahun ni yaa...

Anonymous said...

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